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Sleeve Wrappers-Multipack-6030CF

Sleeve Wrapper, Auto Sleeve Type Counting & Forming Sealer
The CHM-6030CF is a auto sleeve type counting & forming sealer for some commodities such as heat wrapping for packing beverage, beer and mineral water etc without a tray. This model can be combined with a shrink packaging machine for the ultimate wrapping and shrink solution. Film used PE、PVC.
  • The sleeve counting & forming sealer has auto feeding, pushing and sealing function. It also can connect to the shrink packaging machine.
  • Count collectively and permutation packaging. Save wrapping material, save manpower and reduce the production cost.
  • For using this machine, we don’t need the paper tray to be put at the bottom of products. The machine can form and pack products automatically.
  • Auto PE/PVC film packing/ shrinking machine.
  • PLC control system can match the computerize operation, especially fit for automatic production process.
Model CHM-6030CF CHM-8040CF
Power Supply 1φ/3φ, 220V/240V 1φ/3φ, 220V/240V
Watts 1.8 KW 2.0 KW
Sealing size W =600 x H =300mm W =800 x H =400mm
Conveyor speed 12 M / min 12 M / min
Conveyor width 60MM ~ 1200mm 60MM ~ 1200mm
Machine size L=2100 x W=1350 x H=1900mm L=2100 x W=1550 x H=2000mm
Air compressor 1 HP 1 HP
  • Cans, Aluminum foil packages, Caned foods, Video tapes, etc