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Container Shrink Wrapping Machine

Film Packing Machine is specially used for packing bottle water, juice, wine, beer, etc. and also known as bottle shrink wrapping machine. It uses plastic film for packing bottle water. It includes automatic packing machine and pyrocondensation machine. Film Packing Machine is equipped with transducer, which can adjust various speed for packing bottle water. Pyro condensation machine has double-cycle system, which can save cost and assure the packing quality. The cutting system abide by international rules and with best sealing quality.
  • The bottle shrink wrapping machine is specially developed for mineral water, fruit juice, wine, beer and infusion bottles with strong specialty and stable performance. After packaging, the seemed end is firm and beautiful. This is a kind of single unscrambling machine.
  • It adopts unique separated design technology, automatic sealer and double recycling thermal contraction machine, that is, they can be used as a whole or separately used.
  • The sealer adopts advanced Italian heat sealing cold cutting/heat cutting technology with more stable and reliable sealing quality, fully complying with international quality standard.
  • The thermal contraction machine uses adjusting motor adopting different speed adjusting methods, such as frequency variation/mechanical cell phone/electric pressure adjustment, suitable for the thermal contraction requirements of different packaging materials.
  • The thermal contraction machine adopts double recycling system of hot and cold wind. The heat in the channel is evenly-distributed and the outer cover has the room temperature, saving heat energy and ensuring thermal contraction effects.
  • The thermal contraction machine adopts Germany PTFE conveying net belt with advantages of slow heat exchange, less carrying heat, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and stretch proofness. It has become the top-ranking main-stream configuration in packaging industry.
  • All pneumatic parts, taking PLC as core control, adopts mechanical synchronous control and mechanical interlocking control to ensure the safe application of the machine.
  • Through changing molds, it is applicable for various packaging.
  • The whole machine has reasonable structure and stable frame, realizing high efficiency in a certain cope and greatly improving production safety and production efficiency.
  • Boxes shrink wrapping machine, Jewel boxes shrink wrapping machine, Bottles shrink wrapping machine, Jars shrink wrapping machine, Metal components shrink wrapping machine, Stationary shrink wrapping machine, Can shrink wrapping machine etc.
Power Source 3-phase 5-wire 380V/50Hz.
Power 20KW
Air pressure 4-6kg/cm2
Capacity 15-20 packs/minute
Max packing size 500mm x 400mm approx
Dimension 1200 x 1100 x 1950mm approx
Weight 800 kg approx