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Shrink Wrapping Machine – Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine, Jar Shrink Wrap, Tin Shrink Wrap Machine

Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine, Jar Shrink Wrap, Tin Shrink Wrap Machine
Shrink Wrapping Machine – Shrink Wrap Machine for Bottle, Jar, Tin are also know as Bottle shrink wrapping machine, Jar shrink wrap machine and Tin shrink wrap machine.

PRODUCT : Bottles from 200 ml. to 2 Liter
FILM : Shrink LDPE Film Rolls.
OUTPUT : 3-4 packs/min depending on feeding.
MAXIMUM PACK SIZE : 450 x 300 x 350MM (L x W x H).

The Semi Automatic shrink wrapping System will be suitable to accept your pack. The machine shall have an output of 3 to 4 packs/minute. The machine shall consist mainly of three sections.

Application : Boxes shrink wrapping machine, Jewel boxes shrink wrapping machine, Bottles shrink wrapping machine, Jars shrink wrapping machine, Metal components shrink wrapping machine, Stationary shrink wrapping machine, Can shrink wrapping machine etc.

The Pneumatic Pusher will be Inline with the machine It will carry the bottles arranged in the required matrix up to the wrapper. After the operator presses two hand operated switches, The Pusher then returns to the normal position for the next cycle.

After the Pusher returns the operator places the bottles for the next cycle.

The Pusher side guides are adjustable to accommodate various sizes and matrix of bottles.

Film Wrapping
The pack which is transferred from the feeding table to wrapper conveyor carries the film along with it.

A Moisturized Film Unwinding system shall be provided to unwind adequate amount of film required for wrapping. A film guide roll and guide bush shall be provided. The necessary sensor photocell shall be provided to ensure an availability of free un winded film during the sealing operation. A dancing roller with a proximity switch shall be provided to unwind the necessary film.

The front sealing jaw shall have a sealing of suitable width. This jaw will have a continuous arrangement for cutting and sealing of film. The temperature of the sealing head shall be controlled with help of a Temperature Controller ( Continuous Heating ). The necessary air cooling arrangement for the sealing head will be provided. Incase of machine with side sealers the same shall be provided.

At the time of wrapping the pack shall also be held from top with the help of an Pneumatic arrangement. The push of the next pack transfers the bottles onto the Shrink tunnel Conveyor Belt.

Shrink Tunnel
The Shrink Tunnel shall be fabricated from Mild Steel structural with Mild steel paneling duly primed and painted. The design of the machine shall be suitable to accept your pack of maximum size 450 x 350 mm ( W x H ).

he Shrink Tunnel shall consist of a Heating chamber, which shall be well insulated with Rock wool, to reduce loss of heat. The Heating chamber shall also have a top mounted Blower to blow temperature controlled Hot Air onto the product.

The Air inside the chamber shall be heated with the help of U – Shaped S. S. Tubular Heaters. An Electronic Temperature controller shall be mounted for accurate control of temperature between 0*C to 250*C.

The Shrink Tunnel also consists of a chain conveyor linked with G. I. Mesh. The conveyor motion shall be of continuous type. The conveyor shall be driven by a D.C. Motor through a Gear Box, to achieve speed variation for ensuring a proper shrinkage.

A cooling fan shall be provided at the exit end to ensure a tight wrap. The necessary idle conveyor shall be given for easy collection of pack.

Control Panel
An aesthetic control panel made from Mild steel shall be fitted alongside the machine.

All the components used like contactors, relays, rotary switches, timer, limit switches shall be of reputed makes and shall have capacities taking into consideration the safety factor of the worker and the machine. A Logic Controller will be provided for automatic functioning and operation of the machine in the required sequence.

All the parameters of the system shall be controlled by the Panel. The sequence of operations of the machine shall be suitably interlocked for optimum safety.

Utilities Required
POWER : 3 Phase, 440 VAC 50 Hz, 9-11Kw.
COMPRESSED AIR : 7 to 9 cfm at 80 psi.
MACHINE SIZE : 3600 x 1150 x 1550mm (L x W x H)
Above values are approximate and may change as per the design of the machine.