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Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine

Shrink Sleeve Applicator with 200 Bottles Per Minute Speed, 400 Bottles Per Minute Speed and 600 Bottles Per Minute Speed
Multipack Machinery presents plethora of secondary packaging friendly equipments and our shrink sleeve applicators remain one of the versatile machines applied in several industries. With a more analytical approach towards machine design and technology, we have been supplying variety of shrink sleeve applicators, heat shrink tunnels, shrink sleeve label applicators, etc which are designed as per GMP standards of labeling and sleeve inserting. Our machine design and the technology we have applied gives a new concept in the field of labeling.
  • The machine is made up of stainless steel material that is also pollution free
  • It is equipped with branded multi-twin blade cutters that supports for fast, reliable and durable operation
  • We have used branded in-tail and cut-point detector system to enable easier switching from eye-mark to equidistance cutting therefore consumers can find only little difference between each shrink sleeve
  • We has installed branded sleeve guide bar  for fast and reliable tool changeover
  • The speed adjustment is simplified by synchronized operation
  • For more user-friendly operation feature we have equipped color touch screen for best human and machine interface
  • We have made use of high speed and high performing motors
  • You can find more competing operational features when compared to other identical machines
  • We have also equipped quick activity logistics.
We provide inserting system knife-set that supports for processing 30 to 120mm bottles
For label Supply
Label Supply

We have designed with stable tension for précis label cutting for direct label delivery and smooth label inserting option

Shrinking System As far as shrinking technology is concerned we have designed with Swiss made pre-shrinking device and LEISTER hot air blowers that sets for correct label positioning and temperature adjustment

We have provided the screw seapating system that supports for maintaining distance between one bottle to another for proper label casting.

1. Inserting – Speed in accordance with Length of Labelpaper
Model/Length AP-200 AP-400 AP-600
100 mm 200 b/m 400 b/m 600 b/m
150 mm 160 b/m 320 b/m 480 b/m
200 mm 120 b/m 240 b/m 360 b/m
250 mm 80 b/m 160 b/m 240 b/m
2. Container Dimension : ø30 – 120 mm
3. Labelpaper
Length : 40 – 240 mm
Thickness : 0.035 – 0.08 mm
Meterial : PVC, PET, OPS
4. Power Supply :
Inserting Machine : Single Phase, 220V or 380V, 3KW
Shrinking Tunnel : Single Phase, 220V or 380V, 50KW
5. Dimension :
Inserting Machine : L2800mm x W1200mm x H2150mm
Shrinking Tunnel : L2800mm x W800mm x H2210mm