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Shrink Tunnel Shaping All Packaging Industries in Positive Form

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The continuous development of the packaging industry has led to the development of various packaging machines and systems. Among these include the shrink tunnel packaging machine. This is a type machine used for medium to large packaging sizes. It operates by allowing the products to pass through a heated tunnel while it is covered by a shrink film which then shrinks forming a tight seal around the product. This method of packaging is very important in various industries such as the food and the pharmaceutical industry. In the drinks and beverages industries it has assisted in batching of the products together for easier shipping and sales of the products. Products are held together in batches of six, twelve, eighteen or even twenty four and the shrink film applied for adequate batching.

Electric Shrink Tunnel -Multipack-1600KC

Application Shrink Tunnel in the Packaging Industry

  • Versatility of the shrink wrapping material has allowed for wide usage of the shrink wrapper hence can be customized for many products.

  • The finished batch is held firmly by the wrapper making it an efficient packaging system

  • Achieving of a water tight package is possible thereby effectively protecting the product.

  • Durability of the packaging wrap makes it long lasting and able to hold the product before being sold off.

  • Pre printed shrink wrapping can be used in creating a brand name and image for the product therefore effectively promoting the products.

  • The machine is able to achieve high precision thereby producing quality packages, which is important for retail products.

  • In the pharmaceutical industry it is useful in creating an air tight package which prevents contamination of the drugs through the atmosphere.

Shrink tunnel mechanisms in industry

There are various types of shrink tunnel packaging machine depending on their mode of operation. These include; the heat shrink tunnel, electric shrink tunnel and the PE shrink tunnel. The basic operation involves passing the product through a heated chamber where the wrapped film is heated and clings to the package.

Buying the shrink tunnel machine

Various designs and types of the shrink tunnel machine exist. It is important to ascertain the quality of the machine before undertaking to purchase as well as consideration of individual packaging needs. Some of the areas where the machines can be found include packaging, joinpack, Indiamart and shrink The quality and the individual features of the machines are usually stated on the website therefore allowing potential buyer to check out the machine before purchasing. Get the best price in the market for Shrink Tunnel machine, here at –


The shrink tunnel machine is a packaging machine used for medium to large packaging wrapping. Shrink wrapping involves covering the product with a film for easier handling, air and water tight package, and also useful in product promotion through labeling. Some of the advantages of the shrink tunnel packaging include ability to be used in a wide range of applications, allowing for easier batching of products and it gives the final product a fine finish thus improving appearance quality. The tunnel packaging machine is available from various sites and it is important to conduct a need analysis as well as features analysis before purchasing the shrink tunnel machine to ensure you get good value of money.

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