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Secondary Packaging Machinery Changing The Face of Chemical and Pharma Industry

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How Secondary Packaging Machinery used in Chemical and Pharma Industry?

secondary packaging machinery

Secondary packaging is the process of packaging applied to pack pre-packed products wherein, the packaging material used in secondary packaging will not have direct contact with the product. This process is widely used in packing volumes of pre-packed products and the best illustration to understand secondary packaging is the carton boxes or cardboard boxes and even plastic crates which are used to pack bunch of already packed products. The secondary packaging in chemical industry and secondary packaging in pharma industry is found to be widely applied specific reasons. The chemical products and medicines will be initially packed with required packing materials and they will have to be packed to send to the retailers hence, they are packed in groups. This kind of packing application prevents the medications and chemicals to stay protected from sun light or moisture as certain products will react even after initial primary packing is done.

Role of Secondary Packaging Machinery in Last Few Decades

The significance of secondary packaging has been seriously felt over the last few decades due to the impact of people from several parts of the world demanding medications from various countries. In one way, importing medications from other countries keep the people stay within their funds during their medical expenses and in another way, the demand for different medications from different parts of the world have been increasing to save the lives of many people. As far as pharmaceutical and chemical industries are concerned the need for safe and reliable packaging always remains growing.  In addition there are certain important reasons for which secondary packaging machinery stays an important feature in pharma and chemical companies such as

  • Secondary packaging machinery is required for ultimate effectiveness in protecting the products

  • Since the pharmaceutical products have to be manufactured, packed and supplied without exposure to moisture and sunlight and other external influences a perfect secondary packing stays a mandatory requirement.

  • This packaging method protects the pharmacy products from biological contamination also

  • A good secondary packing will protect the products from probable and unexpected damages which will cause during transportation

  • Above all secondary packaging provides space for providing proper identification and information of the products and its quantity inside.

Important Packaging Machinery for the best output

Among the secondary packaging machineries available, there are certain significant types of packaging systems available which suits a range of packaging requirements. Some of them are

Shrink Tunnels – A shrink tunnel is preferred for higher performance in packaging. This packaging machinery is applied for controlled air velocity and temperature for ultimate shrinking while wrapping the products. It is also considered as a fast vacuum packing.

Stretch Wrapping Machine – This machinery is preferred for packing large quantity of loads that requires high wrapping force. There are different types of stretch wrapping machines designed for different industrial purposes such as roll wrapping machine that used fabric as packaging material, ring wrapping machinery that used thin metallic shafts as packing materials, etc

Shrink Sleeving Machine – A shrink sleeving machine packs with high quality packaging fabric materials. There are different machineries available using this method of packing such as sleeve wrapper machine, roll on shrink sleeve machinery, full body sleeve machinery, etc

Cap Sealing – This machinery stays useful in quickly sealing the bottled, or container products by sealing the cap with thin packaging material such as packaging films, metallic shafts, etc

Roller Conveyor – It is special machinery that helps in managing the packaging process systematically by conveying the products to the packaging section in an organised way. It is an automated machine that makes that helps the process to speed up.


Choosing the suitable machinery for packaging is more important as packaging carries the important aspect of protecting the products from any sort of damages.

This article is written by – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.