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Shrink Sleeve Applicator – Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator machine

We offer shrink sleeve applicators suitable for high speed shrink sleeve label applications, tamper evident band application, etc. It is capable of performing sleeve applications of about 250 bottles in a minute. It is equipped with SS 304 conveyor for fast processing of bottles to the shrink tunnels. We have provided with advanced shrink technology called tamper evident band applicator with MMI and PLC base control panel.
The bary centre and base have been accurately design, even use this machine with high speed for long time machine running still very stable and smoothly.
Automatic – Through an automatic application process, conveyors and other assorted machines are used to slip the shrink film material over the containers and then process them through the heat-shrink area for the form-fit that shrink sleeves create.
SLEEVE TYPEClear – A translucent sleeve which can be printed on but will otherwise show through to the container, and if a clear container, the contents therein. This type of shrink sleeve is ideal if you would like to showcase your product.White – The shrink sleeve applied to the container is a white opaque film. Still printable, this type of sleeve will give the impression that the area of the container where applied is white.

Colored – This opaque sleeve will conceal the contents of your container. With a custom imprint this type of shrink material is great for all application types, from tamper evident bands to full bottle sleeves.


None – There will be no perforations on your shrink sleeve, it will be a solid label for the type of label selected.

Vertical – There will be vertical perforations that will make it easy to tear the shrink sleeve apart. This perforation is commonly found on safety-seals, and can be used in conjunction with horizontal perforations to create an entirely removable tamper-evident band.

Horizontal – This type of perforation allows part of the shrink sleeve, such as a tamper-evident band, to be easily removed without damaging the rest of the label so your product identity stays intact. This also gives customers piece of mind when purchasing a product so they know it has not been altered.


Plain – Your shrink sleeve labels will simply act as a barrier to protect your container and will not have anything printed on it.

Standard Printed – The shrink sleeve will be printed with a standardized print format that will reduce the design and setup of your custom shrink sleeve labels.

Custom Printed – In this format, you can print any design on the shrink sleeves however you want. Though this is more difficult to set up, it will be your custom design that makes your products stand out from all the others.


The number of colors you select to print with will also determine the cost of printing. The fewer colors selected, the less expensive it will be to print. The number of colors may be based on whether you select custom or standard printed shrink sleeves.


Line Printing – Line printing is a standard printing format, where information is printed one line at a time, rather than one letter or one item at a time. This is a common form of printing, often seen in desktop printers.

Process Printing – Also known as four color process printing, this type of printing uses screens to print percentages of four different colors to create most color combinations. Through the use of cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black), CMYK allows you to print a vast array of colors in high quality that displays exceptionally well on shrink sleeve labels

Many model with all kind of speed selection from 50/minute to 200/minute and is suitable for wide range; it can be modified according to package’s shape. Can meet, all kind of required no matter it is for cap or bottle. The machine is suitable for Pharmaceutical, food industries; it can be for health-food, medicines, Juices, Milk, Drinks, etc.

  • The unit is made compact & versatile as per GMP norms.
  • The structure of sleeve applicator and conveyor are made of SS 304 and the structure of tunnel is made from MS with powder coating.
  • Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.
  • The SS 304 slat conveyor for proper product conveying. (For the processes of sleeve inserting and sleeve shrinking.
  • Worm for the positive feeding.
  • Beverage, Cosmetic, Dairy, Food & Pharma.
Voltage 220V/380V 50/60 HZ 3 PHASE
Bottle Diameter Ø55~Ø95 / Ø95~Ø125
Max. Speed Up to 250 Bottle per minute
Power 2.5KW
Label Insertion Length 300MM
Range Of Label Thickness 0.035~0.08MM
Material PVC/PET/OPS
Shrink Tunnel Capacity 5KW~17.5KW