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Paste Filling Machine

Paste Filling Machine
Paste Filling Machine
(Photograph is for the reference purpose only. Machine Construction & Specification are subject to change without prior Notice due to Continues up-gradation Process)These machines are specially designed for packing of viscous material such as paste, gel, chayavanprash, distemper, cream, balms, lotion and more. The top loading of these machines are made of stainless steel material and hence are highly durable. The machine is provided with external battery backup for emergency filling. Our machines provide accurate amount of fill and can be outfitted to a piston paste to offer different fill capacity according to the need of the industry. Automatic paste fillers automatically index containers below the paste filling nozzles and trigger paste filling operation without any required operator input.
  • Can fill paste of various viscosities.
  • Output upto 4400 jars/hr.
  • No container, No fill device.
  • Tail cutting arrangment.
  • Fill quantity can be accurately varied.
  • Power consumption 3 H.P.
  • Easy change over from one size to other size.
  • Stainless Steel 304 or 316 grade contact parts
  • Heating arrangement in hopper for hot filling process
  • Foot Operated or Auto set operation
  • /-1% filling accuracy
  • Power:220V, Single Phase/ 2KW