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Packaging Machineries – Shrink Tunnel, Stretch Wrapping Machine, Induction Cap Sealing

Packaging Machineries
Attractive product packaging is the modern need to preserve the product well and create a long term market value. There are various types of packaging machineries are used in various industries. Few of them are described as below-

Shrink Tunnel – Shrink tunnel is a packaging machinery to shrink the labels around the containers like bottles of various shaped and other products. It is a mechanism where the product is passing through a small tunnel at one end of the machine and the packed product is conveyed at the other end. Shrink Tunnel is used in combination of various packaging machineries as per the industrial requirements. Various models of shrink tunnel with variety of features are available in the market based on different parameters like tunnel size, machine size and conveyor. Shrink tunnel with air flow technology prevents bubbles and bumps in the plastic film while packaging and gives uniform plastic layer and quite useful with l sealer machine as an excellent wrapping solution. Shrink tunnel with heat circulation is a best wrapping solution for PVC film and POF films used with L sealer machine.

Stretch Wrapping Machine – First of all, stretch wrapping machine is industry wide application used in packaging the materials. This heavy duty machine is used to wrap the boxes, containers and other materials with stretchable plastic film on materials placed on rotary turntable, which is fully automatic turning the round to wrap the packets. The turntable supports the high load. The film wrapping and speed of turntable is controlled through PLC. The highly automized wrapping needs very less resources and labors. The automatic control panel can detects the pallet height, broken film and wrap failure etc. This machine is available in the market in different models and features like supporting wrapping height, turntable diameter, turntable loading weight, turntable height, turntable speed, film carriage speed and thickness etc.

Induction Cap Sealing – The induction cap sealing machine is used for cap sealing of various containers like bottle, jar etc. it is even known as induction cap sealer. The machine is available in various models supporting cap sealing from 20mm onwards cap diameter. The machine also can posses the conveyor belt to pass on the container to the induction cap sealer. The machine is available from small compact unit to technological advanced unit, fully automatic and semi automatic to fulfill the needs of cap sealing of vessels/container.

This article is written by – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.