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Semi Automatic L Sealer Machine with Breaking Seal Wires
The CHL-4050C is a semi-automatic “L” sealer machine with breaking seal wires. L Sealers are the preparation, wrapping and cutting station for products and a shrink tunnel is required to complete the shrink process.
  • The series of L type sealer conform to CE standards, stable quality and easy operation.
  • With electric magnetic design, L type sealer is available to operate without air compressor.
  • After sealing the products conveyor will automatically delivery products into shrink tunnel machine.
  • Sealing time and conveyor time for L Type Sealer are adjustable.
  • Adjustable film dispenser, sliding prick easily replacing shrink film.
  • Conveyor height of L-type sealer adjustable, its sealing height can be adjusted according to products height in order to get perfect shrink effect.
CHL-4050C CHL-5060C
Power supply 1φ,220V/240V 1φ,220V/240V
Watts 3.1 KW 3.8 KW
Sealing size L=500 x W=400MM L=600 x W=500MM
Packing speed 0~10 M/MIN 0~10 M/ MIN
Packaging height 5~250 MM 5~300 MM
Type Electric Magnetic type Electric Magnetic type
Machine size L=1625 x W=790 x H=1000MM L=1825 x W=890 x H=1100MM