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L Sealer Air Cushion Machine-MULTIPACK-120

L Sealer Air Cushion Machine, Corrugated Carton Sealer, Plastic Carton L Sealer, Drums Packaging machine
We offer top quality packaging machine with a reasonable price. WS-120 air cushion machine provides air cushion as a better selection to replace traditional Styrofoam, sponge, bubble wrap or cardboard. It cuts down production cost and meanwhile being very eco-conscious.
The air cushion machine has many advantages as following:
1.Lower shipping cost.
2. Protect the product better.
3. Save cost on waste packaging materials.
4. Pressure-resistant, damp-proof, dust-resistant, and avoid the clash.
5. Specification can be customized according to different requirements.
6. One-stop solution for needs on “stuffed”, “wrapped”, “fixed” and “cushioned”.
  • Operate easily and single work is allowed.
  • Volume is small and no air compressor needed; move easily.
  • Sealing temperature and speed is adjustable.
  • Air cushion is soft, tough and pound-resisting.
  • Stop working automatically by sensor scanning full feed.
  • PE material can be recycled.
  • Corrugated carton, plastic carton, drums.
Packaging Size (W)200mm
Machine Size 420*370*H165mm
Packaging Capacity 1~10M/min
Power Source 1 Ø 220V(Depend on customer’s need)