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Heavy Duty Spindles For Ring Twisting & Doubling Frames

We manufacture and export of Spindles For Ring Spinning & Doubling Frames , Spindles With Special Spinning Head To Limit Tension Of Baloon , Heavy Duty Spindles For Ring Twisting & Doubling Frames , Speclal & Extra Heavy Duty Spindles , Spindle Inserts , Flange Type Bobbins.JAYLAXMI.” spindles are used by the majority of the renowned ring spinning and twisting/Doubling machine manufacturers because of it s high quality performance.JAYLAXMI experience in manufacturing twisting and doubling Spindles for the following applications
  • Draw Twisting
  • HDPE Indu
  • Nylon Rope Industry
  • PP Industry
  • Type Cord Yarn Industry
  • Fish Net Industry
  • Jute Industry
  • Woolen Industry
We manufacture tailormade Heavy Duty spindle to cater to the needs of our customers in Various lifts incorporated with HZ-30,HZ-44,HZ-55,HZ-68, and HZ-77 inserts dependingUponapplication.
  • Spindles shaft made out of special steel.
  • Uniform hardness.
  • Each and every spindles dynamically balanced.
  • Can be supplied with imported inserts.
  • Can be supplied with any kind of brake system.
  • High Speed Aluminium plug Type, Low Weight Energy Saving Spindle for spinning. Wharve diameter 18.50 mm and 20.20 mm.
  • Aluminium Plug Type Doubling Spindle. Wharve diameter : 22.20 mm and above.
  • Woolen and Worsted Spindles & Draw Twister Spindle with SKF bolster
  • Heavy Duty Spindles with MMM SL-55 / SL-68 Bolster for Twisting / Cabling, Type Cord, Jute, H.D.P.E., P.P. yarn, Fishnet and Fibre Glass Industries.
  • Yarn Fishnet and fiber glass indusry Complete Range of Heavy Duty Bolster / Inserts SL-44, SL-55, SL-68, SL-77, and special extra heavy bolsters.