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Filling and Packaging Machineries from Multi Pack Machinery Company

If you are a company dealing in food products, beverages, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, oil and pesticides, you must be in need of good quality packaging machineries for labelling and processing the products well to create good market value of your packaged products. Multi Pack Machinery Company is a leading company dealing in filling and packaging machineries that include shrink sleeve applicator, shrink tunnel, stretch wrapping machine, induction cap sealing machine, BOPP/OPP hot melt label applicator, seal machine, induction wad inserting machine and l type sealer etc.

The shrink sleeve label applicator from the Multi Pack Machinery Company is available in standard format based on per minute labelling capacity of the machine for 200 bottles, 400 bottles and 600 bottles. The company also can deliver the machine based on the custom requirements as per the industrial application. The machine speed also relies on the size of the label.

Shrink Tunnel is a small tunnel machine provided by Multi Pack Machinery Company that is used in combination with other labelling and packaging machineries to shrink the labels and covers around the containers, while passing through the tunnel. The shrink tunnel is available in various models and features the can be matched up as per the integration with the machine and industrial application.

Stretch wrapping machine by the Multi Pack Machinery Company is a heavy duty rotary turn table machine that is used in wide industries to pack boxes, containers, products and other materials in bulk with the stretchable plastic film. This is completely automatic process of wrapping. The machine is constructed from the sturdy material for high durability and long lasting work with low maintenance.

Induction Cap sealing is another important cap sealer machine is used to seal jars, bottles, containers and vessels. It is a compact unit with conveyor belt to roll out the product or container through the induction head.

The packaging machines from Multi Pack Machinery Company are known for the high accuracy machining. The machines are used for multipurpose containers with easy interchangeability with minimum parts. Low down time, easy operation and low change over time are some of the prime features offered with the machineries by the company. The machines are built with advanced technological microprocessors for high processing power and better control with touch screen controls.

About Multi Pack Machinery Company

Multi Pack Machinery Company is an Industry leader in Filling and Secondary packaging machineries manufacturer that provides liquid chemicals packaging machine, cosmetics packaging, oil filling machines & packaging machines like shrink sleeve label applicator, shrink tunnel, auto side seal machine, stretch wrapping machine, BOPP/OPP hot melt label applicator, cup rinsing, filling and sealing machine, semi auto container sealing & cutting machine, fully auto container sealing & cutting machine, induction wad inserting machine, cap lining machine, auto l-type sealer, roller conveyor and various other machines.

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