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Cap lining machine – Bottle Cap Lining machine

We manufacturers a range of cap lining machines, otherwise known as cap wadding machines or cap wadders, capable of inserting liners or wads into metal and plastic closures at speeds from 3,000 per hour to 10,000 per hour.
Aluminium specification 20-50 mm
Productivity Upto 7200 pcs/Hour
Voltage 220 V
Power 1.5 KW
Dimension 3000*1000*1500mm
Net weight: 450 KGS
Warranty period 1year (since the machine’s arrival)
wo basic cap lining machine layouts are offered, linear (in-line) machines and rotary. In-line cap lining machines are single head with an output of up to 10,000 pieces per hour and suitable for small and medium batch work with easy change over from one cap size to another with the minimum of change parts.Rotary closure lining machines or cap wadders are available from single head up to five heads for very high output. It is also often possible on a rotary closure wadding machine to carry out further assembly operations to produce multi part assembles such as child resistant closures.Within each configuration of cap wadding machine, tooling options for feeding different types of lining material are offered:-
  • pre cut liners
  • punching from reel fed tape
  • universal tooling for both of the above
  1. Applicable liner material: paper or pulp board liner,  aluminum foil liner, and foam liner;The cap liner is cut in pieces inadvance(Precut liner)
  2. Structure of equipment:        
  1. Automatic sorting cap machanism: it puts the messy bottle cap in order, and makes all cap upwards.
  2. Bottle cap delivering machanism:it delivers the ready bottle cap into the liner inserting machanism in order and correct way.
  3. Liner inserting machanism: it inserts the liner to the cap to finish liner inserting procedure.
  4. Gluing machanism: it finishes the gluing before liner inserting (Optional).